7 comments on “Potential TPwn Giveaways?

  1. I think this is a cool idea. Great idea to help us, as a community, help one another by giving them the chance to get a next gen. console. Will the prize be set by the time the giveaway starts or are you going to give the winner a few choices, i.e. next gen. console, custom controller, game capture device, like an gelato, even? Also, how would we pay? PayPal?

    Again, fantastic idea, can’t wait to see how this plays out. I am totally okay with paying for entry’s.

    • The payment entry will be most likely paypal. There would be a deadline to when members can enter (with fee). When we see how many people have entered that would give us a idea to what prize we can do. Ultimately we would be aiming for a console each time. But if not then depending on how much money was received we can pick another prize. No cash prizes as we want to make sure it is gaming related.

      • That’s a pretty big sum of money for a console each time… I agree with the “no cash prizes” notion, we are a going community after all.

  2. Hey so im new here and am not a member of the community, but would love to do something like this if it is open to us? I have a next gen console as well, both of them to be honest and would love to help others out and be part of it.

    • Thank you for your interest but unfortunately we are keeping this within our gaming community. If you like you can follow us on Twitter @TeamPwnage

  3. Giveaways always bring a community together, on the other hand you always get the hanger ons, peeps who come just for the giveaway.. Ultimately I think it’s a good idea 😀

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